I work for Corserv Ltd, a company established by Cornwall Council to provide strategic direction for its commercial trading companies: Cormac, Cornwall Airport, Cornwall Housing and Cornwall Development Company. My role is in the Talent and Development team.

I am responsible for L&D activities - developing/delivering learning programmes, supporting our apprentices, challenging and seeking new ways of working to develop our employees and the organisation. I am soon to complete my Level 5 Learning/Development Consultant apprenticeship with Exeter College.

What is the SWYAAN and what do you do as an Ambassador?
A great network of likeminded individuals who are passionate about advocating the apprenticeship route. In SWYAAN I have made friends but also have opportunities networking with other large employers and work collaboratively. I have attended mock interviews and careers fairs to promote apprenticeships and tell my story. This gives me the chance to speak to young people and their family about the benefits of apprenticeships and how it has helped my career. As Vice Chair of SWYAAN in Cornwall I enjoy inspiring others to begin their apprenticeship journey.

What advice would you give to young people who might be considering an apprenticeship?
There are currently 244 Apprenticeship Standards approved for delivery in the UK, there is bound to be one that interests you. If you like the idea of earning and learning, interacting with a great group of young colleagues, want to excel in your career while receiving free training then an apprenticeship is for you. Don’t rush into anything because it’s what your parents or siblings did – there are countless opportunities you can gain from an apprenticeship – the managing director of my organisation started life as an apprentice!



I currently work for Cornwall College as a Training Advisor within the apprenticeship team. I started as a Property Sales and Residential Management apprentice. After completing my program in 2012 I went on to be lettings administrator, agent and sales negotiator until I achieved Branch Manager status in 2017. Due to redundancy I decided to use my apprenticeship knowledge to help others start their career journeys. I’m really proud of what I achieved then and now.

What is the SWYAAN and what do you do as an Ambassador?

Being an Apprenticeship Ambassador is great. I meet lots of young people at schools/college events and hope my apprenticeship story can inspire and make a difference to others. I talk about higher level apprenticeships where you can reach degree level without going to University incurring lots of debt.

What advice would you give to young people who might be considering an apprenticeship?Do your research. There are so many ways you can do this: website, careers events where you can speak to specialist career advisers. Also look into who employs apprentices in the sector/field you want to go into. Work experience with local employers will give you a great insight about the nature of the job role and the company so you can gain a true perspective.



I completed a Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship with the Learning and Development team at RCHT via Truro and Penwith College. I have gained invaluable insight into how the organisation runs on all different levels and feel part of great change within the Trust. This meant my personal development and skillset increased – all whilst earning money and establishing a professional reputation for myself. My determination has led me to win both regional and local apprenticeship awards.

What is the SWYAAN and what do you do as an Ambassador?

As a member of the SWYAAN I have met other young people who have been so influential in creating a new attitude to apprenticeships in today’s workplace. I’ve been able to share my story with young people and employers, offering real advice and providing an honest account of how my apprenticeship journey has shaped me as a person and boosted my career.

What advice would you give to young people who might be considering an apprenticeship?

I would advise anyone looking into apprenticeships to ask questions and explore every option– you will be amazed to see what is out there. Apprenticeships offer an invaluable gateway into today’s workplace. You become part of a wider work network all whilst learning and developing your own skills and knowledge.