Overview for Employers

Signposting is one of the four pillars underpinning the Apprenticeships Ambassador Network (AAN). Here we show you how employing an apprentice is easier than you might imagine and what financial support and help is available.

Employing an apprentice

Apprenticeships help bring valuable skills into your business. Read more here and here.

Real stories

Find out from other employers how hiring an apprentice can benefit organisations. Read more here.

Benefits to your organisation

Apprenticeships are an exciting option for both apprentice and employer. Read more here.

Upskilling your current staff

Did you know you can use apprenticeships to upskill and retrain your existing workforce? Read more here.

Pay and conditions for apprentices

You are responsible for giving your apprentice their contract of employment, paying their wage, signing an apprenticeship agreement. Read more here and here.

Browse by sector

Find out what type of apprenticeships you can expect in your sector. Read more here.

Search the apprenticeship standards

The first step to choosing the right apprenticeship training is to choose an apprenticeship standard at the right level and skills.  Search the list of standards here.

Find a training provider

The next step to choosing the right apprenticeship training is to find a training provider for your chosen apprenticeship here. Read more here.