Support services

Signposting is one of the four pillars underpinning the Apprenticeships Ambassador Network (AAN). Here we show you how employers new to apprenticeships can benefit from a variety of additional support along the way.

National Apprenticeship Service

Contact the National Apprenticeship Service for apprenticeship information by phone or online. Read more here.

Apprenticeship Levy transfer services

National ‘Match and Pledge’ service from Autumn 2021. Local support available from a variety of sources* including:

Apprenticeship support services for employers

Local support and advice available from a variety of sources* including local colleges and training providers plus:

Redundancy support for employers

Information about support for apprentices who have been redundant or are at risk of redundancy. Read more here.

Connecting employers with schools

Local services* linking the business community with schools (e.g., careers talks); helping to bridge the gap between education and employment.


Potential entry routes* onto apprenticeships

  • Traineeships – Read more here List of Traineeship providers here
  • Kickstart – Read more here List of Kickstart Gateways here
  • Occupational Traineeships – Read more here
  • T Levels – Read more here List of approved T-Level training providers here
  • Work Experience – Read more here and here

* All links accurate at the time of adding but provided without endorsement: see Terms and Conditions. Please Contact Us with any updates.